Why did I ride over 200 miles of Virtual Cycling this weekend?

This weekend, I rode over 200 miles taking part in the Prudential RideLondon Charity Bike ride raising money for the Marie Curie Charity.

Over the past few months my family and I have experienced the loss of two very special people David and Janet Pennell. We know how incredibly important it is for families and loved ones to get the support they need at times like this and this is why I wanted to take part in this challenge so that I could help others going through similar.

This weekend, I did this ride in two stages but both were on a turbo trainer using the Zwift app. I wasn’t able to cycle outside for two reasons, the first being I am still shielding, which I have been doing for many months now and my shielding has been extended indefinitely. Secondly, I am disabled and a wheelchair user so cycling that kind of distance safely for me just isn’t possible right now.

202 miles on a turbo trainer isn’t easy and by the end of my final few miles, I realised just how little padding I have on my buttocks.

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far and I plan on doing some more of these events to help raise money for the different charities as there are so many others out there that still and will need support in the future.

Saturday’s Challenge, 101 miles in 4 hours 10 minutes on the beautiful French course on Zwift.

Sunday’s My Prudential RideLondon #MyPRL ride, I completed the route of the actual Prudential RideLondon Course on Zwift. Repeated climbs up Box Hill were unrelenting and I really did feel those climbs in the latter stages of the ride. It was also very, very humid and I had two fans going as well as copious amounts of water.

I am really proud of my achievements, especially knowing that they will also go to benefit others.

If you would like to make a donation to my fundraising page, please visit:


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