London Street Photography Gallery

These are photos taken in London, in the United Kingdom prior to Covid 19. They have been taken at different times of the year and with different cameras and different types of lenses.

I have chosen areas that are off the beaten track or are places that people wouldn’t necessarily first recognise as I want my photographs to stand out from others and adopt my own style.

I have already written a blog about the areas of London in which I have taken these images, so if you would like to have a read of that please follow this link:

Argyle Walk, London.

Gower Place, not far from University College London Hospital, UCLH on the Euston Road.

I saw the ideal opportunity to take this photo, the bikes were aligned perfectly and the timing of the Red London Bus couldn’t have been better.

Cavendish Square, West End, London.

The images above were all taken at different times of the day and year in Cavendish Square in London’s West End. I worked there for the Royal College of Nursing and the Square itself has not only a varied history but was the first square to be built on the Marleybone Estate north of Oxford Street. Cavendish Square established the pattern of the surrounding streets and their monuments, and a planned relationship with Hanover Square, which is located on the other side of Oxford Street.

Jason Court, off Wigmore Street, London

This fabulous Lebanese Restaurant looks amazing and so inviting. I love the lighting, the colours and the decorative lamps for me really make this photo stand out.

St Christopher’s Place off Oxford Street, West End London:

This is a vibrant area filled with varied restaurants and interesting boutique stores and art places, an ideal place to meet and catch up with friends

People and selfies

This is something you see a lot nowadays, people taking photos of themselves in key areas, Street Photography including themselves.

Oxford Street, West End, London:

In the photos above I have included photos taken on Oxford Street, I have incorporated people walking and billboards to try and merge them into one image so they become part of the artwork.

I have tried also to show the classic images of London so of course have captured the iconic Red London Bus.

Oxford Street also has the largest number of flagship department stores so I have included one of Selfridges windows and also a shot taken in store as well at their champagne bar.

London is always filled with eccentric unique characters or people who have their own style or a certain charisma or confidence, something I really admire in people, I had to include the man on the tricycle as I felt he just summed the type of eccentric person that is usual to see in London.

Finally for this project we have Marble Arch:

This project is to showcase the less known areas off the familiar areas most people know about in London. I have included a map below of the areas that I have taken photos in so that if you want to explore these areas, you can.

Please read the blog I have already written that accompanies this project to find out more of the history and photography tips and techniques.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these images and I look forward to compiling another project very soon for you to enjoy.

Many thanks


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