Why do you take photographs?

This is a question I am often asked.

I take photos for all sorts of different reasons, sometimes because I have been commissioned to do them or because I want to record an event. That’s as an official photographer, but outside of that, what makes me take photos.

Well like many of you, I take photos to capture that special moment to share with others, or to look back on. For this spontaneous type of photography, I am not too worried about what type of camera I shoot with or even the quality. What is important for me in this scenario is that moment in time, perfectly captured, spontaneous and natural.

Photo of my meal sat out in my garden taken on my iPhone.

Now to other people there may be nothing particularly special or mind blowing in this photo. However for me, this was the height of thriving whilst shielding due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. I had grown my own vegetables and fruit in my garden, a friend had dropped round some Rose wine and fresh bread and I had also got some amazing Brie. I made some Bruschetta and garlic bread from the plain bread that had been given to me. This after months of struggling to get food and having food parcels stolen off my doorstep, felt luxurious! I felt liberated by the simplest of things, food on my plate and it holds a wonderful memory as a result. I sat in the warmth of hot day’s sun in the evening, listening to the Swifts flying over head and in that moment, Covid 19 didn’t exist.

I like many others have a phone with an in built camera and so nowadays you don’t even have to carry a seperate camera to take a photo.

Social media and the accessibility of being able to take photographs using our mobile phone camera so easily can be a driver for people to take photos. It shows bragging rights at our achievements or others achievements. We can show off our lifestyles to others by photographing our houses, new clothes and shoes, cars, holidays and where we eat out or socialise. We can edit on the run and upload onto our favourite social media sites. We add effects, filters, overlays and so many other things.

Social media filters and effects, just a bit of fun

One of the many subjects people take photos of are their pets and I am so guilty of that.

I think when it comes to photography the most important thing is that you do it for your reasons, whether it’s a career or a hobby or whether it’s to showcase your hobby. Capture family and friends and treasured memories, just enjoy it and keep doing it!

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  1. Really enjoyed your thoughtful post and it’s so true about photographing from your own place within. Looking forward to reading more!


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